ACME TRAINER I: Powerful Presentation Secrets (T1)

Powerful Presentation Secrets (T1)




Did you know that only 7% of your communication is dependent on the words you use? The other 93% of your message is comprised of communication that is out of your conscious awareness. The problem with most communication is that the words are not congruent with the unconscious cues in the voice tone and body language. Learning to leverage the power of this 93% will get you your desired results in any presentation setting be it a sales meeting, group training, employee meeting or corporate presentation. These are the secrets of the best presenters in the world.

Powerful Presentation Secrets includes:

⦿ Advanced communication techniques including the 4-mat system.

⦿ Unconscious hand gestures from the Satir categories.

⦿ Multi-modality learning tools for visual, auditory and kinesthetic people as well as new accelerated learning techniques.

⦿ Secrets of anchoring and stage positioning.

⦿ Templates for powerful openings and closings for any type of presentation.

⦿ Scripts for individual, partner and group exercises.

⦿ Training room design and effective stage layouts.

⦿ The secrets of the best trainers in the world.




Length: 4 days, 8 hours per day
Minimum Prerequisites: F1 or MOG or NLP certification
Preferred Prerequisites: F1, S1, S2 or MOG or NLP certification
Regular Price: $8,495
Pay-in-Full Price: $5,497
(Prices in USD, taxes extra)
Sept 18-21, 2023


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