NLP for C-Suite



Our ACME Coaching and Leadership Framework includes modern mechanistic performance models that are designed to help others get better results faster and with less effort. ACME is the greek word for highest point or “peak”. 

Leadership is changing.

It is about communicating in a way that motivates others to lead. In a functional leadership model, success doesn’t rest on one person but rather on the functional behaviours of the group. You need to learn how you and your people think in order to generate peak performance in yourself and inspire it in others. Your business coach likely excels at helping you to create processes and templates to help lift you and your executives out of the operational procedures in your company. Now it’s time for you to learn how to lead others more efficiently and more effectively so you can liberate your time and energy for peak performance projects and ideas.

NLP for C-Suite
is based on the ACME Framework

There are two key distinctions in our ACME Coaching Framework that will enable you, as a C-Suite executive, to get results faster and with less effort:

1) LOOSEN the model of reality so you are primed for rapid change

2) INTEGRATE the new pattern so it becomes the dominant behavior

See how we add the green triangles to the usual model of performance improvement.  This applies equally to managers, coaches and "managers-as-coaches".

In NLP for C-Suite we teach the "ACME 7":
Accelerated Change Mechanisms of Excellence

In NLP for C-Suite, you will learn

My operations manager and I started the NLP for C-Suite: Mechanisms of Greatness Program at the advice of our business coach several months ago. If you want to level up your leadership abilities and lead not only your team, but yourself, to greater heights….this is where you can do that! There are so many elements of people management that I had never considered until this program. Not only that, but Gina delivers the content in a way that is incredibly impactful and powerful. My favorite part is the real-time application and practice of each technique during training sessions. You won’t regret starting this program, and it’s some of the best money I’ve ever spent for ongoing leadership growth.
Jenna Spencer
Founder and Visionary, AssistPro

Sean Evans, President, Step Consulting

Marc-André Alary, CEO, Unison

To discover how NLP for C-Suite can work for you and your Executive Leadership Team, book a call with Greatness U Master Trainer, Gina Mollicone-Long