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Introducing From A TO ACME This 3-hour self-study course is designed to help you understand how change takes place and how you can use this knowledge to become a more exceptional coach. You will learn a framework for coaching that strengthens the effectiveness of your existing coaching toolset. This is not a replacement coaching program. It is designed to help you turbo-charge your existing coaching skills so that your clients will get results faster and with less effort. So don't wait - unleash YOUR potential through this unique and informative program today.

In just three short hours, you can become a more effective coach and change the lives of your clients for the better. Register now and join us at our next training session – you won’t regret it!

For over two decades, GreatnessU has been enabling coaches and other entrepreneurs to get better results with a simple concept: the ACME approach! The Accelerated Change Mechanisms of Excellence works by making small tweaks that have big impacts. Let’s see how successful you can become with this tried-and-true idea!

Hear it from one of our client as he speaks about his GreatnessU journey and the amazing transformation it has brought to him!

Want the confidence to crush it as a coach? Or perhaps some tools and systems that'll get you in sync with your clients? No matter what kind of help you're seeking - we have just what you need!

How much does From A to ACME cost?

Well, just so you know, I charge $20,000 for a 3 hour keynote speech.

And, normally, we charge $999 for a three-hour online training.

But because we don’t know each other well, I don’t want any uncertainty related to the value of this program to stand in the way of you getting this information, so I am offering you this program at a discount.

Meet Your Master Trainer!

Gina Mollicone-Long helps people get what they want. She is an international best-selling author, compelling speaker and peak performance coach with a mission to reveal greatness in individuals, teams and organizations. She the creator of Greatness U and the ACME framework. Since 1998, she has trained, coached or spoken to tens of thousands of people on six continents. Her books, Think or Sink and The Secret of Successful Failing are widely read and enjoyed by people around the world. She can show you exactly how to get out of your own way so that you can reveal your greatness.

Invest in this training now and you can start learning these valuable lessons today!


$ 197
  • BONUS: If you buy today you will also get immediate FREE access to "Reading and Leading", a two hour training all about how different people relate to the world differently and how to use this information to lower resistance to your communication. This can be used with clients, prospects, other businesspeople and is also very effective at creating rapport in the various people in your personal life as well. (VALUE = $499)

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaches of any kind.  Business coaches, executive coaches, life coaches, health coaches, sport coaches and even managers and entrepreneurs who think of themselves as coaches.

After you complete From A to ACME, the next step is to register for our flagship course, Fundamentals of Change

This is not a coaching program. The ACME coaching framework complements existing programs by helping coaches create work exactly where change takes place. ACME makes your existing coaching tools/processes work better, so you and your clients can get results faster and with less effort.

If you had a coach, would you want to hear them say that?  Our training is designed to help your coaching coaching clients get results faster and with less effort. That will also save you time. Training yourself to be a better coach requires commitment.  Are you committed to being a better coach?  Let us help you.  Register for From A to ACME today.


100% Unconditional Guarantee

I would also like to share with you how serious we are about providing value in our programs and so here is the 

If you do not feel that you receive at least $999 of value from From A to ACME, you will get a full refund, no questions asked.

I hope that you see that this work can truly transform your coaching business.  I hope you will register for this program.  I look forward to seeing you in the training.