Courses For Seekers

Create change in your life faster and with less effort

  • Do you find yourself asking more questions than before?
  • Have you recently experienced a life-changing event?
  • Do you go down internet rabbit holes?
  • Has your perspective about the world changed?
  • Are you relating to people differently than you used to?
  • Do you sometimes feel like there is more?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, you may consider yourself a seeker.

Seekers are those who follow a path of self-discovery.

For some, this is a lifelong path. Others may be beginning a new journey due to a life-changing event.

Seekers find themselves asking questions and often find that the answers tend to generate even more questions.

Greatness U offers training courses designed to help you better understand human behaviour so you can respond in a more purposeful way to the changing world around you.

All of the training at Greatness U is based on ACME: Accelerated Change Mechanisms of Excellence.

Learning about each mechanism provides you with new insights and skills that help you move your life more deliberately in the desired direction, helping you clarify what you want and move toward it faster and with less effort.  Welcome to the ACME 7…

The Accelerated Change Mechanisms of Excellence

Seekers who want to bring about change in their lives and who are done playing small should consider our express path: