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Yes, YOU.
It's already in there.

We help you reveal it to the world.

Faster and with less effort

Assuming you want to change, there are only two reasons why it isn’t happening…

  • Obstacles Preventing You
  • Lack of skills to thrive at the new level

Enter Greatness U.

We help remove those obstacles and teach you the skills you need to thrive. And we help you do both faster and with less effort because we are experts in change.


The acronym for our system is ACME which is the ancient Greek word for highest point.
At Greatness U, ACME means:

Mechanisms of

Think of them as the techniques that make change happen faster for you.

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Get Out of Your Own Way!

My WHY is to reveal the greatness in all people. I assist learners to eliminate the obstacles to greatness and to create new dominant patterns of behaviour. An upgrade to a better you. GREATNESS YOU!

24+ years

Upcoming Events

14 June 2023
June 14 - June 16

The course is focused solely on values and values levels. This comprehensive training will cover all areas of values including elicitation, hierarchy and changing values. It also has an extensive focus on Clare Graves’ values level paradigm that enables you to understand what creates behavior and motivation. You will become an expert in using values for individuals and organizations.

09 August 2023
August 9 - August 11

This segment dives deep into the advanced techniques of NLP and quantum linguistics. The focus of this course is to be able to leverage your understanding of mental processes to enact rapid and effective change. You will be immersed in advanced linguistic techniques and reframes including powerful sleight-of-mouth patterns and prime concerns.

06 September 2023
September 6 - September 11

In the Advanced Change Principles course, you will learn how to help create change for yourself and for other people whether they be teams, employees, clients, patients or even your children. Unlock your limitless potential! From career to relationships, from development goals to personal aspirations – no matter the context, this training provides you all the tools so that success truly knows no bounds. Transform and ascend into Greatness. It’s time for possibilities without limits!

19 September 2023
September 19 - September 22

Did you know that only 7% of your communication is dependent on the words you use? The other 93% of your message is comprised of communication that is out of your conscious awareness. The problem with most communication is that the words are not congruent with the unconscious cues in the voice tone and body language. Learning to leverage the power of this 93% will get you your desired results in any presentation setting be it a sales meeting, group training, employee meeting or corporate presentation. These are the secrets of the best presenters in the world.

24 September 2023
September 24 - October 1

This is one of the most powerful trainings in the ACME series. This segment is only offered live, in person, as it requires extensive hands-on training in the powerful breakthrough process that includes a complete design and execution of the entire process. This training includes a descriptive method for modelling success as well as advanced training in Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis to ensure that you will always be able to break through to the next level.

01 November 2023
November 1 - November 17

This is the ultimate trainer’s training. It will make you one of the best presenters in the world. When you discover how to align all the components of your communication then you will be able to effectively convey your message to any audience regardless of the content. This course will cover everything from superior content construction, stage positioning, multi-modality teaching and the secrets of unconscious communication. This program will deliver all of the secrets of communication in an easy-to-understand and lively format. This program will set you miles ahead of other presenters. You will know what to do and say regardless of the audience. This program will also serve to qualify you as a board-certified trainer of NLP.

19 November 2023
November 19 - November 22

Greatness U Hypnosis Trainers Training teaches you a great deal more about hypnosis, how and why it was developed and how to teach and certify others.