Core Curriculum

All our courses are designed to help you get results faster and with less effort.


Our ACME Coaching and Leadership Framework includes modern mechanistic performance models that are designed to help others get better results faster and with less effort. ACME is the greek word for highest point or “peak”. 

By definition, a mechanistic model is one that enables us to understand a complex system by examining the workings of its individual parts and the manner in which they are connected. ACME is not a coaching tool in and of itself. 

Rather, ACME is a foundation upon which any coaching technique can be made to be more effective by focusing on the processes producing successful results versus the content of the results themselves.

Our ACME coaching programs cover 7 mechanistic models including concepts such as NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis plus high-level mechanisms about change, results and breakthroughs. 

Anyone who does any type of coaching, or anyone trying to achieve new results, would benefit from using the ACME Coaching Framework.

ACME Coaching Framework:

There are two key distinctions in our ACME Coaching Framework that will enable your coaching to get results faster and with less effort:

1) You have to know how to LOOSEN the client’s model of reality so they are primed for change

2) Once the client successfully breaks through then you need to know how to INTEGRATE the new pattern so it becomes dominant

In our courses we teach the ACME 7The Accelerated Change Mechanisms of Excellence

If you are serious about getting better results for yourself and others then follow our certification path:

Diagram of the certification path for our NLP Courses for Coaches
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