ACME TRAINER II: Train the Trainer (T2)

Train the Trainer (T2)


This is the ultimate trainer’s training. It will make you one of the best presenters in the world. When you discover how to align all the components of your communication then you will be able to effectively convey your message to any audience regardless of the content. This course will cover everything from superior content construction, stage positioning, multi-modality teaching and the secrets of unconscious communication. This program will deliver all of the secrets of communication in an easy-to-understand and lively format. This program will set you miles ahead of other presenters. You will know what to do and say regardless of the audience. This program will also serve to qualify you as a board-certified trainer of NLP.

The Train the Trainer course includes:

⦿Everything promised in our T1 training including:

⦿ Advanced communication techniques including the 4-mat system.

⦿ Unconscious hand gestures from the Satir categories.

⦿ Multi-modality learning tools for visual, auditory and kinesthetic people as well as new accelerated learning techniques.

⦿ Secrets of anchoring and stage positioning.

⦿ Templates for powerful openings and closings for any type of presentation.

⦿ Scripts for individual, partner and group exercises.

⦿ Training room design and effective stage layouts.

⦿ Plus….

⦿ Powerful techniques to eliminate stage fright and increase your confidence.

⦿ How to handle any audience by controlling the energy of the room every time.

⦿ Creating state control in you and your audience.

⦿ Metaphor development and delivery.

⦿ A powerful technique for handling any question whatsoever.

⦿ The business of training.

⦿ Practice, improvement, practice, improvement, practice, improvement.

⦿ Immediate expert feedback with specific details so that you leave with a polished style.

⦿ Upon completion of this training you will be eligible for board certification at the Trainer level in NLP.


Length: 17 days, 8+ hours/day
Minimum Prerequisites: F1 or NLP Practitioner
Preferred Prerequisites: F1, S1, S2, M1 or NLP Master Practitioner
Regular Price: $10,495
Pay-in-Full Price:$8495
(prices in USD, taxes extra)

Sept 14-30, 2023

Format: Hybrid – in-person or remote options
Attendance: you can choose to attend either fully in-person OR fully remotely via zoom (unfortunately, you cannot mix your attendance formats – please choose one OR the other)
Location: TBD


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