How can you and your team perform at your best while you are disconnected? Thriving in a crisis is absolutely possible if you know the secrets to success. During this time of high uncertainty, keeping connected with those that we trust is imperative so we can make decisions quickly and effectively.

Now, more than ever, we need to perform at our best. You need to be in sync with your leadership team and your peer support groups. Our virtual retreats are effective, fast and easy to plan. Do an engaging team activity and get world-class training from the comfort of your home office.

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  • Stay connected with your group to preserve support and communication.
  • Do an online activity to maintain social connection.
  • Get cutting-edge training to learn how to maintain peak performance during a crisis.

Our virtual retreats combine an engaging activity, (CONNECTIFY), with powerful training by Gina Mollicone-Long.

Suggested customizable training topics:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Finding Opportunity in a Crisis
  • Staying Resilient
  • The Science of Intuition



  • Keep remote employees connected.
  • Take their mind off the crisis.
  • Show that you value them.

Creative problem-solving challenge designed to support the productivity and social and mental well-being of your employees. Learn more.

Option 2: Mindset / resilience web-based training

Your employees need to learn how to focus their attention and manage their emotional state so they can continue to perform at their best even when things are rapidly changing and stressful.

Live webcast and recorded trainings from Gina Mollicone-Long are now available.

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For when travel restrictions are lifted, our original Retreat-in-a-Box combines a training program by Master Trainer, Gina Mollicone-Long with an adventurous retreat in Whistler – Canada’s premier year-round resort.

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Our forum is always looking for new and challenging retreats for our forum. We have been together for 10 years as a core group with 2 recent new members. The Retreat-in-a-Box gave our forum an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience that was catered to our forum’s needs. Gina and Andrew delivered and unparalleled experience that challenged each of us to lean into our own greatness and uncover what we needed to excel. This retreat will forever be talked about in years to come. Thank you for an amazing time!

-Brandon Dempsey, Fecunders Forum, St. Louis MO

Perfect for forum groups, executive teams and board members, Retreat-in-a-Box features the ground-breaking teachings and insights that Gina has been sharing worldwide with groups just like yours.

You just choose one of the following 3 packages and book your dates.  We will take care of the rest. As the Aussies say: “Too easy!”

You plan your retreat and Gina delivers the amazing content tailored for your group.

We will organize everything except your flights. This package includes airport transfer, accommodation, meal planning, activities and of course, amazing tailored retreat program content delivered by Gina.

Think helicopters from the the Vancouver airport to Whistler, luxury chalets and private chefs. The sky is the limit in our Luxury Retreats. You tell us what you want and we will make it happen. Gina will design a learning program specifically for your group. This retreat gives you the option of having Gina join your group for all of your other activities to allow the program to take on a whole new level in real life situations.

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My name is Jeff Linihan and my Company is Advocado.  We are a cross-media optimization platform that simply makes all channels of advertising perform better.  My forum went to Whistler for a Retreat-in-a-Box with The Greatness Group and it was life-changing! Gina and Andrew set up a fantastic experience that included content, fun and great accommodations and meals.  The content dove deep into EI and how to tap into our intuition in order to maximize our own performance in all aspects of our lives. The concept of being in a state of coherence left a lasting impression and I have been maintaining a strict practice of coherence since our retreat – and the results are amazing already! I have brought it back to our team and we are designing a workshop for my leadership team that revolves around the practice of coherence.

I cannot wait to see the long term results both in my personal/family life as well as in my business.  Thank you Andrew and Gina for truly a once in a lifetime experience!”

-Jeff Linihan, CEO, Advocado



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This program will teach participants how to breakthrough ANY obstacle that is holding them back. The process of breakthrough is the same every time, regardless of the content. This program shows both the art and the science behind generating breakthroughs in your life and how to be accountable for the results you produce. You will leave this program knowing how to access levels of peak performance regardless of the circumstances or outside influences.

Gaining alignment in an organization is not easy. Everyone brings different thoughts, beliefs and values to their work. And often the thoughts, beliefs and values between people are conflicted. Teams work most effectively when there is alignment in values. Understanding how other people think and communicate is essential to gaining alignment between people in your organization. We teach participants to identify how other people see the world through language and values.

Your emotions are guiding you towards or away from your desired outcomes. Do you know how to use this extremely powerful system? Consider that the unconscious processes that produce fear, doubt, worry and anxiety actually wreak havoc on the results you actually achieve. Likewise, there is great power in positive emotions. Understanding these unconscious processes and how to master them is the secret to achieving any goal you want.

People believe that intuition is a gift – that you are either born with it or not. The truth is that intuition is a faculty of the mind that can be cultivated and honed to produce replicatable results. Intuition is a system that everyone possesses. But not everyone has the discipline required to develop and leverage it to produce outstanding success. This program will teach participants how to systematically access their intuitive faculty and how to maintain peak performance.

HeartMath resilience training programs incorporate research-based self-regulation techniques and technologies that reduce symptoms of operational stress and promote sustained resilience. Benefits also include improved mental and physical performance, focus and enhanced decision-making in adverse environments, heightened situational awareness and reduction in the physical, mental and emotional symptoms of operational stress. Among her many qualifications, Gina Mollicone-Long is also a licensed HeartMath® trainer.

Some people are born with a natural ability to read and lead others. However, the art of influence is a very specific process that can be learned and therefore mastered by anyone.  The key to success is to learn and master the most effective secrets of influence and persuasion that are rarely taught in traditional education. This course combines linguistic techniques and body language cues to help ensure that you are able to understand how to deliver your message so that it gets accepted easily and effortlessly. It’s time for a paradigm shift in how you communicate.

Custom Programs Available Upon Request