Greatness CommUnity

Greatness CommUnity



A vibrant group for graduates of any ACME or MOG program wherein participants can achieve mastery of the ACME/MOG techniques with access to private trainings, deep-dives into select techniques, live Q&A and much more. You will be linked with other commUnity members so you can share knowledge and best-practices helping you and your people reach your acme faster and with less effort.

Features available for members include:

⦿ Dedicated Private Portal: Exclusive member-based portal including all commUnity benefit as well as a library of archived events for you to access at your convenience.

⦿ Deep-Dives: Regular live (zoom) segments highlighting one of the ACME techniques. A review of the material is combined with a coach-monitored intensive practice period and extensive question period to ensure a thorough understanding of the topic.

⦿ Sneak Peaks: Exclusive access to private trainings, new technology or exciting techniques presented to the CommUnity before a general release to the public.

⦿ CommUnity Collaboration: A dedicated forum for members to share best practices, questions and answers, key learnings and other insights from the application of ACME tools.

⦿ Quarterly Q&A with Master Trainer: An quarterly open zoom session where you can get your questions answered about any of the ACME technique or delivery for specific audiences.

⦿ Greatness Pricing: Enjoy an on-going 10% discount on any ACME training program.



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