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1 × Values 2.0

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1 × Advanced Linguistics
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1 × The Breakthrough Process
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Our Mastery Package combines three courses, Values 2.0, Advanced Linguistics and The Breakthrough Process.

Values 2.0 is focused solely on values and values levels. This comprehensive training will cover all areas of values including elicitation, hierarchy and changing values. It also has an extensive focus on Clare Graves’ values level paradigm that enables you to understand what creates behavior and motivation. You will become an expert in using values for individuals and organizations.

Advanced Linguistics dives deep into the advanced techniques of NLP and quantum linguistics. The focus of this course is to be able to leverage your understanding of mental processes to enact rapid and effective change. You will be immersed in advanced linguistic techniques and reframes including powerful sleight-of-mouth patterns and prime concerns.

The Breakthrough Process is one of the most powerful trainings in the ACME series. This segment is only offered live, in person, as it requires extensive hands-on training in the powerful breakthrough process that includes a complete design and execution of the entire process. This training includes a descriptive method for modelling success as well as advanced training in Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis to ensure that you will always be able to break through to the next level.