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All-in Package

From $18,197.00 USD

Greatness U course packages are a great way to save! If you’ve seen the light and you want to take our full ACME curriculum, our “All-in Package” will save you $7782 versus buying each course individually. The courses contained in this package are listed below.

1 × Basic NLP - Fundamentals of Change

$797.00 USD$1,775.00 USD

1 × Advanced Change Principles
Version of F2 Course
$2,997.00 USD
1 × Values 2.0

$1,597.00 USD$1,995.00 USD

1 × Advanced Linguistics
Date of S2 Course
$1,597.00 USD
1 × The Breakthrough Process
Date of M2 Course
$4,997.00 USD
1 × Powerful Presentation Secrets
Date of T1 Course
$5,497.00 USD
1 × Train the Trainer
Date of T2 Course
$8,497.00 USD

Featuring the deepest immersion into our programs with the maximum savings. If you are serious about making changes in your life and the lives of others, then this is the training for you.

The All-In Package includes registration in all of the following courses:

  • Basic NLP – Fundamentals of Change
  • Immersive NLP/TLT/HYP – Advanced Change Principles
  • Values 2.0
  • Advanced Linguistics
  • The Breakthrough Process
  • Powerful Presentation Secrets
  • Train the Trainer