Mechanisms of Greatness I (G1)

Mechanisms of Greatness I:
Fundamentals of Functional Leadership (G1)



Mechanisms of Greatness I:
Fundamentals of Functional Leadership (G1)






Leadership is changing. It is about empowering others to lead. In a functional leadership model, success doesn’t rest on one person but rather on the functional behaviours of the group. You need to learn how to generate peak performance in yourself and inspire it in others.

Learn how to generate better results faster and with less effort.

In this course, you will learn:

⦿ How the model of ACM (Accelerated Change Mechanisms) helps leaders and their people move to the next level faster and with less effort.

⦿ How to leverage the Process of Change.

⦿ The important elements of peak performance that must be achieved to elevate results.

⦿ The neuroscience of results and performance.

⦿ Powerful mechanistic models of performance such as NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis.

⦿ Techniques for creating rapid rapport and increasing flexibility of behaviour in any situation.

⦿ Powerful language techniques to enable you to direct conversations to create productive outcomes.

⦿ How to access and leverage different brain states to achieve goals with less effort.

⦿ The internal workings of the mind and how to leverage internal processes and strategies to meet goals.

⦿ A comprehensive understanding of values, hierarchy and spiral dynamics to improve communication and leadership.

⦿ Advanced techniques in reframing, negotiation and conflict resolution.

⦿ A step-by-step sales process based on rapport, advanced communication techniques and objection handling, which can be used to sell internally and externally.




Code: G1

Length: 1 day plus 12 monthly 4-hour sessions
Format: Live, via Zoom
Prerequisites: None
Cost: $12,000 USD pp, for first 3 people. Each additional person is discounted 10% on a sliding scale.
Upcoming start dates:
Kickoff Day January 14, 2022



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