LeaderSHIFT 9 – EmpowHERment



It’s time to move beyond the old models and stereotypes for women. It’s time to grasp and leverage the creativity, passion and empathy that lives in the hearts and minds of women everywhere. It’s time for powHer.

Do you ever feel like you could do anything? Do you feel like something holds you back? Do you unconsciously sabotage yourself? What if you already had everything you needed but didn’t know how to use it? We women are far more powerful and far more resourceful then we give ourselves credit for. But no-one teaches us how to access this “powher“. It’s time to discover it.

This seminar is designed to take you on a journey: a journey into yourself. The purpose is to help you discover your unique skills and gifts. The purpose is to reconnect you to the truth of who you are. The purpose is to help you to awaken the powher that has always been within you so that you can leverage your skills and gifts to make impactful contributions to your teams.

Consider that the unconscious processes that produce fear, doubt, worry and anxiety actually wreak havoc in all areas of your life. Likewise, there is great power in positive emotions. Understanding these unconscious processes and how to master them is the secret to achieving your goals. Discover where you are holding yourself back and running old patterns that sabotage your success. Learn potent strategies for increasing resilience, accessing your intuition and unleashing your own internal powher.



There are two important days in a
woman’s life: the day she was born
and the day she finds out why
Elaine Cannon

  • Learn the science behind intuition and a process for cultivating it.
  • Reduce the impact of stress on your body and calmly handle any stressful situation.
  • Cutting-edge research about the power of emotions and how they directly impact your experiences.
  • Discover the emotional guidance system and learn how to use it to navigate directly to your goal.
  • How to determine negative emotions in others and what to do
  • Learn about amazing heart-centered research being used globally to increase resilience.
  • Learn how to love and accept yourself and project a positive self-image with confidence.Break free from limited thinking and self-sabotage so you can finally achieve your goals.
  • How to differentiate between the voice of intuition and the voice of fear, doubt and anxiety.
  • Techniques and tips for self-control so that you remain powerful in your choices for you and others.



Dates and Times

Full Day Training Module


Can be quoted as a stand alone course or bundled together with other modules.


This program can be delivered virtually or at your office, your off-site or any meeting location.

Pre-requisite Modules

LeaderSHIFT 1

Who Is This For?

Excellent for FEMALE leaders in any role.


The Greatness Group engineers individual and team-based programs to boost your performance quickly and permanently. We know that everyone learns in their own way and we are committed to the deliverable that 100% of the audience learns the intended outcomes in their preferred learning style. To that end, all of our programs are experiential in nature and engage all three learning modalities: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. We also employ accelerated learning techniques to maximize the efficiency of the learning process. We specialize in the ability to be able to translate the learnings back to the workplace so they can be applied immediately. Finally, and most importantly, our programs have a very high energy level with stimulating activities, games, simulations and exercises. The programs are fun and engaging. And let’s face it, it’s much easier to learn when you’re having fun!


“Gina was an absolutely brilliant facilitator. She helped stretch our thinking in every way and had an incredible energy level that was contagious. She took concepts that can often be complicated and presented them in a straight forward and easy to understand approach that we could all digest and apply to our businesses immediately. Highly recommend!!”

Jody Steinhauer, President & CEO, The Bargains Group

"Your training was a success and my team was very energized with your passion and mastery in the subject. Thank you."

Gerardo Rios, Vice President, Procter & Gamble,
Panama City, Panama

"Wow! What can I say about some of the most remarkable, worthwhile and entertaining two weeks of training imaginable. Greatness U can assist anyone who is committed to revealing their own greatness!"

Silken Laumann, Olympic Medallist, Author & Speaker,
Victoria, Canada

"Her riveting workshop held the audience’s attention right up to the end when people literally smashed through their emotional barriers and them up for success!”

Scott MacDonald, President, Noise Solutions,
Calgary, Canada

“The instant I heard Gina give her talk, I knew that she was someone I wanted to work with, her approach is unique in that she has an understanding of performance on a level beyond most teachers.  I hired her because of that unique approach and it has blown my mind, I thought I knew what was coming, but my expectations were exceeded, I highly recommend Gina if you want to break through to a new level.”

Cole Harmonson, President, FarWest Capital,
Austin, TX, USA
“I loved your energy, your style and subject of course. I came out motivated and more focused. Your evaluation came out superb. Thank you.”
Ricardo Brostella, CEO, Centro de Agencias, (YPO Panama),
Panama City, Panama
“The evening with Gina was the highest ranked and most spectacular event we have had so far this year. It has been an inspiring moment for all of us.”
Stefan Stefaniak, Learning Chair, EO Geneva,,
Geneva, Switzerland

"Wish I had taken this course sooner; it has changed my life! Seeing the world from the perspective of being at cause creates personal control and effectiveness that I only dreamed possible before now. I can't wait to start implementing the new communication skills, especially The 5 Step Sales Process."

Darla Campbell, President, Amonavi Consulting Group,
Toronto, Canada

“This is the most thought-provoking, mind-stimulating course that I have ever attended. Gina is a truly amazing person and inspiring leader.”

Marcus Sellen, Founder & CEO, Selmar Education,
Melbourne, Australia

“Everyone has positive and negative emotions, and I am no exception. However I had no idea how unconsciously holding a negative emotion in connection with a past event could prevent me from being effective in the present. I was able to quickly and easily release my negative emotions and now my life seems so much easier! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Fabiana Bacchini, Founder, Big Tiny Hearts,
Toronto, Canada

"I can’t wait to send my senior management team to this training with The Greatness Group. I am 100% confident that that will launch our business to become an industry leader."

Larissa Robertson, President & CEO, SCO Recruitment,
Sydney, Australia

"Extremely powerful and practical! Whether you want to improve and expand your skills or just stretch your comfort zone. The course was amazing!"

Chuck Scott, Managing Director, Cushman Wakefield,
Montreal, Canada

"I am thrilled to say that your skill as a trainer kept this diverse group fully engaged. Although many of your ideas were new, everyone found it easy to understand these new and inspiring concepts. The feedback has been positive all around and we look forward to working with you once again in the near future."

Ruth Douglas, President & CEO, NewsCanada,
Toronto, Canada

“Gina has a great ability to make complex concepts easy to understand resulting in the group acquiring new knowledge and skills at great pace. Gina is a world-class presenter and I’d recommend her for any audience.”

Simon Mundell, Founder & Director, The Results Group,
Auckland, New Zealand

“I’ve been able to dramatically change the impact I have on my family, friends and clients. I’ve taken more personal development training courses than most people, and I can tell you that this is unconditionally the best I have ever seen.”

Dr. Stelios Nikolakakis, Optometrist,
Toronto, Canada