powHER Series

Imagine a world where diversity flourishes and the unique perspectives of all people are celebrated and utilized to make this world a better place! The PowHER Series is built on the belief that it is possible for each and every person to be true to their unique purpose thereby living powerfully in all of the moments of their life. These workshops are intended to help you to unlock your unique perspective so that the world can realize your contribution and you can live the life of your dreams.

The reality is that women and girls have typically been marginalized in all areas of the world. One need not look far to see the objectification of women and girls in our media or the skewed lack of women in leadership positions in our businesses, politics and organizations. We truly believe that the world is missing out on key insights and perspectives that are generated by girls and women. Our mission is to empower these perspectives so that they can be used to solve some of our world challenges and enrich the lives of everyone. We also strongly believe that we need the mental, emotional and spiritual support of men and boys to achieve this end. One of the ways to support us is to support our mission to empower women and girls and to understand that until the marginalization of girls and women is diminished programs like the PowHER Series are required to help further the movement.

We are truly committed to making the world better and we believe that empowering women and girl’s voices and unlocking the feminine spirit is one of the keys to doing this. If you think that the women and girls in your community could benefit from these programs then please contact us. Our global outreach work is typically done at little or no cost to the community. We want to spread the PowHER in as many places as we can.

The PowHER series offers the following course formats:

“There are two important days in a woman’s life: the day she was born, and the day she finds out why.”
– Elaine Cannon