Greatness U Mastery Levels I, II, III


You will learn:

  • How to use NLP in all areas of business especially
    in increasing sales and improving communication and leadership ability.
  • How to be highly effective in all personal and business coaching situations.
  • How to powerfully create change at the personal level.
  • The power of quantum linguistics.
  • An understanding of values levels that can give
    you amazing insight into human behaviour.
  • How to consult in an educational setting.
  • How to be a successful life, business and relationship coach.
  • Therapeutic techniques that are incredibly
    powerful in addressing many chronic symptoms.
  • How to be a results consultant for businesses and business leaders.
  • The powerful Breakthrough process used by all Greatness U Master Coaches

Upon completion of Mastery I, II, III, you will also receive FOUR board-eligible certifications (for the same price that other trainers charge for regular NLP Master Practitioner training):

*NLP Master Practitioner * NLP Master Coach * Time Line Therapy™ at the Master Practitioner Level * Master Hypnotist


Mastery I – VALUES 2.0

The first segment of Greatness U Mastery is focused solely on values and values levels. This comprehensive training will cover all areas of values including elicitation, hierarchy and changing values. It also has an extensive focus on Clare Graves’ values level paradigm that enables you to understand what creates behavior and motivation. You will be an expert in using values for individuals and organizations including a valuable assessment tool.


This segment of Greatness U Mastery dives deep into the advanced techniques of NLP and quantum linguistics. The focus of this course is to be able to leverage your understanding of mental processes to enpower quick and effective change. You will be immersed in advanced linguistic techniques and reframes including powerful sleight of mouth patterns and prime concerns.


This final segment is one of the most powerful trainings in the series. This segment is only offered live, in person, as it requires extensive hands-on training in the powerful breakthrough process that includes a complete design and execution of the entire process. This training includes a descriptive method for modelling success as well as advanced training in Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis to ensure that you will always be able to breakthrough to the next level.


Dates and Times

Mastery I (Values 2.0)
Dates TBA – Live via Zoom
9am to 5pm (PST – please adjust time zone)

Mastery II (Linguistic Power)
October 9-11, 2020 – Live via Zoom
9am to 5pm (PST – please adjust time zone)

Mastery III (Breakthrough Process)
run in sequence with the add-on for Prac level
Combined dates: Live In-Person Training
January 27 – February 6, 2021
The Prac level Add-on will be Jan 27-29
Mastery III will continue Jan 30-Feb 6


Mastery I,II,III Combined
(pricing reflects combination discount)
$5,995 USD – Pay in Installments
$5,495 USD – Pay in Full

Single Course
Mastery I, II or III
$2,500 USD


Mastery I: Live Virtual Classroom
Mastery II: Live Virtual Classroom
Mastery III: Live In-Person event held
in Whistler, BC, Canada

Pre-work or Pre-requisites

Mastery I: Virtual NLP
Mastery II: Virtual NLP
Mastery III: Mastery I & II plus
the LIVE Practitioner NLP add-on


A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. You are already a Practitioner of NLP and know how to Express Your Greatness. But you know that you’ve just scratched the surface of what might be possible. It’s time to Master Your Greatness. This will give you all the resources you need to get anything you want for yourself or your clients.


Greatness U Mastery is about mastery. It’s about mastery of all of the skills and techniques you learned in the Greatness U Intensive – plus a mastery of your own personal power and how to use it to create lasting change in your life and the lives of others.

Master Your Greatness also has a certification option in which you can gain four internationally recognized certifications:

• NLP Master Practitioner
• NLP Master Coach (life coach and business coach)
• Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™
• Master Hypnotherapist

You will be one of the highest trained coaches in the world and can help your clients solve any problems right away after completing this course!  NLP Coaching standards meet or exceed the highest standards of coaching in the world! And NLP coaches are some of the highest paid globally.

This is an intensive, immersive training designed to take your life, your business and your results to the next level. You will be a master when you are done and you will breakthrough any limits you have placed on yourself.


NLP is the study of human excellence and how to replicate it. The Master Practitioner Level of NLP is about mastery. It’s about mastery of all of the skills and techniques in NLP plus a mastery of your own personal power and how to use it to create lasting change in your life and the lives of your clients. It’s one thing to know NLP. It’s another thing altogether to KNOW THAT YOU KNOW!


• NLP can be used in all areas of business especially in increasing sales and improving communication and leadership ability.
• Effective in all personal and business coaching situations.
• Powerful at creating change at the personal level
• Educational consulting and coaching
• Therapeutic settings
• Relationship Coaching

You will get FOUR certifications in this training (for the same price as other people’s regular NLP Master Practitioner training):

• NLP Master Practitioner
• NLP Master Coach
• Time Line Therapy™ at the Master Practitioner Level
• Master Hypnotist

NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Master Coach Certification curriculum will cover the following topics:

• Quantum Linguistics
• NLP and quantum physics
• Values
• Meta Programs
• Advanced Submodalities
• Advanced Strategies
• Modelling

Time Line Therapy™ Master Practitioner Certification curriculum will cover:

• Advanced TLT techniques that allow clients to release negative emotions and limiting decisions
• Detailed personal history
• The Breakthrough Process
• Techniques to assist in alleviating symptomology that looks like dis-ease
• Anxiety process
• Pain paradigm
• Doing and completing a complete breakthrough session as client and as master practitioner

Master Hypnotist Certification curriculum will cover:

• Learn advanced hypnosis techiques from permissive to authoritarian as well as a combination (Erickson, Estabrooks and Elman)
• Classic hypnotic phenomenon including a full-body catelepsy
• Healing paradigms including ideo-motor signalling with the unconscious mind
• In addition, the training allows you to receive certification as a Hypnotherapist if you choose

This Training meets the standards of the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming so your certification has worldwide recognition. It is also approved by the Time Line Therapy™ Association and the American Board of Hypnotherapy


"Wow! What can I say about some of the most remarkable, worthwhile and entertaining two weeks of training imaginable. Greatness U can assist anyone who is committed to revealing their own greatness!"

Silken Laumann, Olympic Medallist, Author & Speaker,
Victoria, Canada

"Her riveting workshop held the audience’s attention right up to the end when people literally smashed through their emotional barriers and them up for success!”

Scott MacDonald, President, Noise Solutions,
Calgary, Canada
“The evening with Gina was the highest ranked and most spectacular event we have had so far this year. It has been an inspiring moment for all of us.”
Stefan Stefaniak, Learning Chair, EO Geneva,,
Geneva, Switzerland

"Wish I had taken this course sooner; it has changed my life! Seeing the world from the perspective of being at cause creates personal control and effectiveness that I only dreamed possible before now. I can't wait to start implementing the new communication skills, especially The 5 Step Sales Process."

Darla Campbell, President, Amonavi Consulting Group,
Toronto, Canada

“This is the most thought-provoking, mind-stimulating course that I have ever attended. Gina is a truly amazing person and inspiring leader.”

Marcus Sellen, Founder & CEO, Selmar Education,
Melbourne, Australia

“Everyone has positive and negative emotions, and I am no exception. However I had no idea how unconsciously holding a negative emotion in connection with a past event could prevent me from being effective in the present. I was able to quickly and easily release my negative emotions and now my life seems so much easier! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Fabiana Bacchini, Founder, Big Tiny Hearts,
Toronto, Canada

“Gina has a great ability to make complex concepts easy to understand resulting in the group acquiring new knowledge and skills at great pace. Gina is a world-class presenter and I’d recommend her for any audience.”

Simon Mundell, Founder & Director, The Results Group,
Auckland, New Zealand

“I’ve been able to dramatically change the impact I have on my family, friends and clients. I’ve taken more personal development training courses than most people, and I can tell you that this is unconditionally the best I have ever seen.”

Dr. Stelios Nikolakakis, Optometrist,
Toronto, Canada