2023 New Year Breakthrough Bootcamp

2023 New Year Breakthrough Bootcamp



Breakthrough Bootcamp helps you unlock your true potential and create great results in your life because it helps you unlock the power of your unconscious mind.

The conscious mind is what most people use to try and get what they want in life. But, if it was as easy as just “thinking it” then everyone would have what they want. Yet, they don’t! Which means that there is something more to it.

The answer lies in your unconscious mind and the power of your emotional guidance system to direct your actions.

Your negative emotions and limiting decisions prevent you from getting what you want. The conscious mind is the goal setter but the unconscious mind is the goal getter.

It’s time to unlock your power.

Think about what you want. Peace? Love? Joy? Wealth? Health? To get along better with family? A better intimate relationship?

Once you learn to unlock the power of your unconscious mind then you will be able to put any goal into your future and do so with certainty. Your actions will align with your words.

Breakthrough Bootcamp, international best-selling author and master trainer, Gina Mollicone-Long, teaches you how to achieve significant results in your life and helps you take the first steps. It’s time to get out of your own way!

You will learn how to:

⦿ Articulate what it is you really want in your life, whether it is money, health, a better relationship, stronger bonds with family members, etc.

⦿ Let go of the negative emotions that prevent you from getting what you want including anger, sadness, fear, guilt and anxiety.

⦿ Let go of the limiting beliefs that keep you playing small, often without you even knowing it.

⦿ Break through your barriers so you no longer get stuck as you move toward what you want.

⦿ Learn specific tools and techniques for GOAL GETTING instead of merely goal setting so that you can move confidently toward the life you want.

⦿ Learn how to significantly increase your influence so that you find other people are more aligned with your own goals.

⦿ Identify your personal values and ensure that they are aligned to what you want in life.

⦿ Discover the power to turn any adversity into an advantage so even when you fail at something, you can view it as a success.

Standard Admission includes two full days of training plus a workbook.

The VIP Package includes:
– Everything in Standard Admission, PLUS:
– VIP cocktail reception
– In-depth Q&A with Gina
– Catered lunch both days
– Signed copy of Gina’s book
– Lifetime access to Self-Study version of the course.






Code: B1

Length: 2 days, 8 hours per day
Prerequisites: None
Regular Price: $295
(all prices in USD; taxes extra)

February 11-12, 2023
Time: 930am-530pm each day
Format: In person
Location: Toronto ON (venue TBD, near downtown)
VIP Reception 530-730pm February 11



Standard AdmissionVIP PACKAGE