We provide 4 levels of ACM training courses:

Accelerated Change Mechanisms (ACM)

ACM is a term coined by Gina Mollicone-Long, the creator of Greatness U, to capture a collection of modern mechanistic performance models that are designed to help others get better results faster and with less effort. By definition, a mechanistic model is one that enables us to understand a complex system by examining the workings of its individual parts and the manner in which they are connected. ACM is not a coaching tool in and of itself. Rather, ACM is a foundation upon which any coaching technique can be made to be more effective by focusing on the processes producing successful results versus the content of the results themselves. Anyone who does any type of coaching or anyone trying to achieve new results would benefit from using the framework of ACM.

The Mechanistic Model of Accelerated Change is:

The Accelerated Change Mechanisms that we teach: