Our People

Getting out of bed everyday to help you reveal your greatness.

Gina Mollicone-Long
Master Trainer & Co-Founder of The Greatness Group

Gina has a fierce belief that everyone has greatness in them. Everyone. Always.

Andrew Long
President, CEO & Co-founder of The Greatness Group

Andrew is passionate about building teams where greatness thrives and people are engaged.

Linda Evans
Office Manager

Linda has been working for the Greatness Group since 2011

Elise Statham
Scavenger Hunt Strategist

Elise loves connecting with companies interested in making their teams better by utilizing Scavenger Hunt Anywhere’s services.

Karie Pridham
Event Planner & Greatness Coordinator

Karie plans the logistics for our team building and training events.  Karie also organizes the private speaking and breakthrough coaching schedule for Gina.

Loretta Honeychurch
Certified Trainer and Executive Coach

Based in Australia, Loretta is a Trainer and practitioner of Time Line Therapy™, Hypnosis, NLP and NLP Coaching. She leads our NLP certification trainings in...